The world of Relpuce was a lush and verdent land, teeming with flora and fauna, and the many races that lived there existed in relative peace.

The cause of this is unknown, but an event let loose legions of evil races upon the once pristine world. The peaceful races, not used to the brutality, were no match against the unrelenting horde.

So in a desprate attempt to flee, the greatest magic wielders banded together to take their lands out of reach of the swarming evil. Using their combined skills, they were able to lift the provinces that were untouched by the blight high into the sky.

This cluster of now floating islands were named Inveile and have since been protected from the onslaught.

The lifting of Inveile threw the remaining landmass, and all upon it, into dissaray… in-fighting has now decimated the once massive legion, until all remained were small warring tribes squabbling over the territories that were left.

The Corruption of Relpuce

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