The Corruption of Relpuce

Chapter 1 - Escape!

The group awoke to dim light and the sound of slow dripping. Getting up from the cold stone, they all notice they occupy small cells. Apart from a few rats and the other prisoners the rooms seems empty.

After a long squabbling match between a fat wizard and a extremely large woman, a dwarf walks into the room with a blank expression. Walking to one of the cells and unlocking it he meets his death upon Asteron’s horns, from the guard Asteron retrieved the key to the cells and a small white crystal. Bargains were then made with the rest of the prisoners for their freedom.

Once all released from the cells, the group begins to discuss how they were captured in the first place as none of them remember how they got there. In frustration, or boredom, Reptaur tries to leave the group and walks away. He gets no more than 150 yards before a silver band around his neck constricts, sapping his health. The group quickly discover they all have this band, and are unable to move very far away from each other before it starts draining health.

The group engage a dwarven guards upon leaving, and without weapons or armor have a little difficulty dispatching them, alhough showing Some ingenuity, Xoroku “armed” himself with a blunt weapon in the shape of a dwarfs limb. During the fight Asteron was hit by one of the dwarfs and a split second later a tiefling fell out of his pocket and fell stunned onto the stone floor. She introduces herself as Risa and declares Asteron her master. Asteron found this acceptable.

Finding weapons, armor and items, they start squabbling over the loot that is left. In angsty frustration again Reptaur tries to walk away and again the band constricts around his neck draining his health.

Further exploration the group finds a chute down to a sewer, but finding this route overly disgusting decide against it. More guards are dispatched that are guarding a prison cell with other assorted prisoners. Through electrocution, conflagration and general intimidation tactics, the prisoners quickly fall in line and are doing what they are told.

One of the kobolds is thrown into the sewer to see where it leads, but after a few minutes nothing is heard. The idea was put forward to light one on fire and then send it down the sewer, but Xoroku lead that off and took the rest of the prisoners for use as “axe fodder”.

The group as a whole moved south and kicked down the door barring their way and throwing a kobold into the room at random, getting a surprise attack on nine dwarves. An alarm is activated, and even though quickly turned off again by belkas, alerts the guard captain and his subordinates. After a lengthy battle the group are able to leave the confines of the prison, and find themselves high in the mountains.

Xoroku recognizes the lay of the land from this vantage as his homeland, but as of yet has not spoken much about this. Risa is slightly disturbed as she doesn’t recognize anything around her. The group take camp a little way from the prison as to not attract attention to themselves and get ready for a nights rest.



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